Accepted and Registered Papers – ICCCEBS 2021

S.No Paper ID Paper Title
01 ICCCEBS2021005 Review on Radiation Hardness Assurance by Design, Process and NextGen Devices
02 ICCCEBS2021001 Bank loan defaulter prediction using Data Science process
03 ICCCEBS2021011 Pineal Eye for Blind using Ultrasonic sensors
04 ICCCEBS2021033 Analysis and Classification of Active Sludge in wastewater
05 ICCCEBS2021012 Design and Analysis of 32 Bit High Speed Carry Select Adder
06 ICCCEBS2021029 Energy management System using Multi Agent Systems with IoT and Machine learning
07 ICCCEBS2021036 Depression Detection Using Comparative Analysis of QRS Detection Algorithms and HRV of ECG Signal Implemented on MATLAB and VERILOG
08 ICCCEBS2021037 Improved Haar Cascade Feature Extraction and Access Control Framework for Rich Internet Applications
09 ICCCEBS2021A016 Indicator For The Water Level Using Bluetooth
10 ICCCEBS2021058 Yolov3 Supervised Machine Learning Framework for Real-Time Object Detection and Localization
11 ICCCEBS2021065 An effectual smart waste assortment and management system
12 ICCCEBS2021075 Crop Price Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms
13 ICCCEBS2021074 Fog Computing-based Internet of Things and its Applications in Healthcare
14 ICCCEBS2021053 Convoluted Fashion Classifier
15 ICCCEBS2021073 Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC): A Survey
16 ICCCEBS2021028 Experimental validation with FPGA to a Switched-Capacitor Interleaved Bidirectional DC-DC Converter to a renewable energy storage systems
17 ICCCEBS2021081 Multiview 3D detection system for automotive driving
18 ICCCEBS2021049 Real Time Fire detection and Localization in Video sequences using Deep Learning framework for Smart Building
19 ICCCEBS2021045 Computer Vision based Early Electrical Fire-detection in Video Surveillance oriented for Building environment
20 ICCCEBS2021040 RF Based Student Tracking System
21 ICCCEBS2021047 79GHz substrate integrated waveguide antenna for Short-Range Radar applications
22 ICCCEBS2021A010 An Efficient Machine Learning Approach for Activity Recognition
23 ICCCEBS2021A011 Daily Stress Classification using Functional near Infrared Spectroscopy
24 ICCCEBS2021070 Screening the Condition of Diabetic Retinopathy in Infected Retinal Images
25 ICCCEBS2021063 AI Enabled Smart Survillence System
27 ICCCEBS2021A008 Voice Activated Face Recognition based Smart Support System
28 ICCCEBS2021A003 IOT Based Smart Grid Using Node MCU
29 ICCCEBS2021095 Electromyography in Machine Learning
31 ICCCEBS2021A031 Web Based Flexi Vehicle Insurance Application
33 ICCCEBS2021062 ATM Fingerprint Verification System with Different Bank Accounts
35 ICCCEBS2021080 SixbyTwo Degrees of Wikipedia
36 ICCCEBS2021086 Air Quality Monitoring System with Emergency Alert Using IOT
37 ICCCEBS2021097 Metro Cable Negligence Disclosure using IOT
38 ICCCEBS2021009 Development and Validation of QT Interval Measurement Algorithm Using LabWindows/CVI
39 ICCCEBS2021026 Performance of CH-DVR during Phase Angle Jump and Fault Riding
40 ICCCEBS2021055 BSO Feature selection based Machine Learning Solar Radiation Prediction
41 ICCCEBS2021A021 Deep learning methods to analyse and detect the presence of COVID-19 using X-rays
42 ICCCEBS2021A017 Ensemble Modeling On Job Scam Detection
43 ICCCEBS2021A030 A Novel Session Password Security Technique using Textual Color and Images
44 ICCCEBS2021067 Drunken Driving detection with Health Monitoring and Accident detection System using IOT
45 ICCCEBS2021121 Truth Discovery in Healthcare Prediction Using Machine Learning
46 ICCCEBS2021A022 IoT Based Tool Garbage Management System
47 ICCCEBS2021122 Breast Cancer Prediction using Decision Tree Algorithm
48 ICCCEBS2021069 Side-Sweep Accident Detection System
49 ICCCEBS2021A019 Phishing website detection using machine learning and deep learning techniques
50 ICCCEBS2021054 Improvisation of Spectral Clustering Through Affinity Propagation
51 ICCCEBS2021072 Social Distancing Analyzer Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning
53 ICCCEBS2021022 Patang Abhidhani - Butterfly Research Survey
54 ICCCEBS2021A027 An Effective Dementia Diagnosis System using Machine Learning Techniques
55 ICCCEBS2021035 Efficient Clustering of Unlabeled Brain DICOM Images based on similarity
56 ICCCEBS2021127 A Multifunctional Shopping Tramcar
57 ICCCEBS2021136 Cost Efficient Automatic Car Parking Facility towards Smart City
58 ICCCEBS2021126 Deep Neural Networks for Stock Price Prediction
59 ICCCEBS2021091 Frequent Pattern Mining Using DBSCAN Algorithm
60 ICCCEBS2021134 A Review On Wearable Epileptic Seizure Prediction System
61 ICCCEBS2021146 The Face Mask Detection Technology For Image Analysis In The Covid-19 Surveillance System
62 ICCCEBS2021A018 Big Data Analytics And Mining For Effective Visualization And Trends Forecasting Of Crime Data
63 ICCCEBS2021057 Online Transaction Fraud Analysis Using A Deep Learning Modified Neural Network
64 ICCCEBS2021A029 Stock Market Price Forecasting Using Machine Learning Techniques
65 ICCCEBS2021050 Waste Segregation Using IoT, Deep Learning and Image Processing
66 ICCCEBS2021A034 A Survey on Intrusion Detection System and Prerequisite Demands in IOT Networks
67 ICCCEBS2021A043 A Fast And Accurate Face Recognition Security System
68 ICCCEBS2021133 Automatic Voting System Using Convolutional Neural Network
69 ICCCEBS2021110 Automatic Car Parking System (IoT) in Smart Cities
70 ICCCEBS2021041 Face Recognition and Database Management System for Event Participant Authentication
71 ICCCEBS2021A032 Integrated Covid-19 Deterrence System For Isolated Clusters Using BBC Micro Bit
72 ICCCEBS2021A009 Deep Learning based Voice assistance in hospitals using Face Recognition
73 ICCCEBS2021A012 An IOT Based System for Monitoring Environment
74 ICCCEBS2021144 Hyperspectral Image Classification Using Ensemble Transfer Learning
75 ICCCEBS2021135 Myrio Based Mobile Robot For Rescue Systems
76 ICCCEBS2021043 Prediction of Heart Disease Using Machine Learning
78 ICCCEBS2021084 Advanced flood severity detection using ensemble learning models
79 ICCCEBS2021A038 Self Powered Vehicle With Enhanced Battery Technology
80 ICCCEBS2021085 Object recognition in images with low-resolution using convolutional neural network
81 ICCCEBS2021118 Design of An Integrated system of Wireless power transfer, Battery health monitoring system and Automated Power Factor Correction in Electric Vehicles
82 ICCCEBS2021A040 Performance of PID Controller in Poultry House System
83 ICCCEBS2021162 Tele-Presence Robot for Medical Assistance in Hospitals
84 ICCCEBS2021032 Classification of Abnormalities in Breast Ultrasound Images Using ANN, FIS and ANFIS Classifiers: A Comparison
85 ICCCEBS2021A041 Health and Hospital Monitoring Systems and Solutions
86 ICCCEBS2021044 TLBO based Power System Optimization for AC/DC Hybrid Systems
87 ICCCEBS2021154 Intelligent Appliance Control System Using IoT
88 ICCCEBS2021A028 Machine Learning based Classification for Heart Disease Identification
89 ICCCEBS2021151 A Smart Helmet for the Mining Industry using LoRaWAN
90 ICCCEBS2021124 Implementing Adaptive Distributed Sparse control algorithm to single stage grid - connected solar PV system for DC-AC conversion
91 ICCCEBS2021116 Identification of COVID - 19 from Chest CT images using a Deep Neural Network with SVM classification
92 ICCCEBS2021117 Instance Level Human Parts Detection Using Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Learning
93 ICCCEBS2021167 Segmentation And Classification Of Cervical Cells Using Deep Learning
94 ICCCEBS2021A037 Analyzing the Condition of Gear Module Using Internet of Things
95 ICCCEBS2021077 A Comparative Analysis of Face Mask Detection Using CNN And Viola Jones
96 ICCCEBS2021030 Texture based Clustering Technique for Fetal Ultrasound Image Segmentation
97 ICCCEBS2021158 Vehicle Speed Control and Accident Prevention System in Smog Zone
98 ICCCEBS2021A007 Administered Machine Learning Models for Covid-19 Future Forecasting
99 ICCCEBS2021018 A Novel Approach for Pattern String Matching in Intrusion Detection System
100 ICCCEBS2021140 Intelligent Stroke Subtyping Using Recursive Elimination
101 ICCCEBS2021149 Automatic Patient Monitoring Systems Using IoT
102 ICCCEBS2021103 Improved Cost Effective IoT Based Coal Mining Safety System
103 ICCCEBS2021094 Detect Fake Identities using Improved Machine Learning algorithm
104 ICCCEBS2021048 Analytical Modeling and Performance Analysis of Sur-face Potential for Junctioless MOSFET
105 ICCCEBS2021019 Identification of Plant leaf diseases using Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Classification
106 ICCCEBS2021141 Secure Ring Signature based privacy preserving of Public Auditing mechanism for outsourced data in cloud computing paradigm
107 ICCCEBS2021143 Automated Railway Gate Control System Using Arduino
108 ICCCEBS2021089 Movie Recommender System Using Machine Learning Algorithms
109 ICCCEBS2021A015 Defect Detection of Industrial Products Using Image Segmentation and Saliency
110 ICCCEBS2021125 Classification of Malignant Melanoma Using Convolutional Neural Networks
111 ICCCEBS2021087 Underwater Cable Monitoring Using BOT
112 ICCCEBS2021A047 Pollution Based Traffic Control System using IOT
113 ICCCEBS2021A048 Real-Time Social Distance maintaining using Image Processing and Deep Learning
114 ICCCEBS2021178 Organic Hydroponic Farming Incorporated With Recycles Water
115 ICCCEBS2021184 Analysis on multi modal transportation system using spatial domain inverse
116 ICCCEBS2021A014 Noval Aproach For Chronic Kidney Disease Using Machine Learning Methodology
117 ICCCEBS2021188 Elliptically Bended Coupler with Arbitrary Power Division
118 ICCCEBS2021177 Animal Monitoring System using IoT
119 ICCCEBS2021A056 IoT based Intelligent Car Security System using Iris Image feature patterns
120 ICCCEBS2021A044 Directivity Enhancement In UWB Microstrip Patch Antenna
121 ICCCEBS2021168 Power theft detection in customer consumption using smart system
122 ICCCEBS2021148 Online rental houses price recommendation system
123 ICCCEBS2021176 A Rectangular Micro Strip Patch Antenna for Ultra Wide Band Application
124 ICCCEBS2021172 A Compact UWB Antenna Design for Breast Cancer Detection
125 ICCCEBS2021150 A Quantum-based Blockchain approach to Voting Protocol using Hyperledger Sawtooth
126 ICCCEBS2021A055 Automized Hot Water Management System
127 ICCCEBS2021147 An Automated Machine Learning Approach For Stroke Prediction
128 ICCCEBS2021196 Predicting Vehicle Sales by Sentiment Analysis of User Reviews
129 ICCCEBS2021174 An Energy Efficient Path Selection Using Swarm Intelligence in IoTSN
130 ICCCEBS2021169 Forest Fire Alerting System With GPS Co-ordinates Using IOT
131 ICCCEBS2021020 Number Plate Detection and Recognition using a Novel Computer Vision Approach for Indian Motor Vehicles
132 ICCCEBS2021090 An Intelligent communication system for fisherman
133 ICCCEBS2021161 Identification of spammer and fake accounts on social networks
134 ICCCEBS2021199 Predicting Supervised Machine Learning Performances For Sentiment Analysis Using Contextual Based Approaches
135 ICCCEBS2021201 IoT Based Industrial Waste Water Monitoring and Recycling
136 ICCCEBS2021142 Distributed Ensemble based Deep Learning architecture for Intrusion Detection against Cyber attacks
137 ICCCEBS2021159 Feature Specific Hybrid Framework on composition of Deep learning architecture for speech emotion recognition
138 ICCCEBS2021193 Wideband and high gain dielectric resonator antenna for 5G applications
139 ICCCEBS2021186 Mixture Weibull probabilistic model in Wind Turbine Power Analysis
140 ICCCEBS2021185 Automatic Leukaemia Detection Approach In Bone Marrow Using CNN
141 ICCCEBS2021210 Modified Zeta Converter Based on ANFIS Controller Using MPPT PV System
142 ICCCEBS2021163 Security Aware High Scalable paradigm for Data Deduplication in Big Data cloud computing Environments
143 ICCCEBS2021145 Privacy Preserving With Surfed Social Media Content
144 ICCCEBS2021A051 Smart Traffic Control Scheduling In Smart City
145 ICCCEBS2021213 A Hybrid Model to Ensure Biosecurity during Pandemic Situations Using OpenCV
146 ICCCEBS2021A064 Lifetime Prediction Of Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Machine Learning For E-Vehicles
147 ICCCEBS2021131 Fake news detection URLs in Twitter
148 ICCCEBS2021195 Improved Air Quality Testing Using Kalman Filter Based on IoT Data Fusion for Smart Cities
149 ICCCEBS2021171 Reduced switch count multilevel inverter with fault diagnosis operation
150 ICCCEBS2021129 Face Mask Detection Using Deep Learning
151 ICCCEBS2021120 Design of FIR Filter Using Adaptive LMS Algorithm for energy efficient Application
152 ICCCEBS2021204 A Safety Measuring Tool To Maintain Social Distancing On Covid 19 Using Deep Learning Approach
153 ICCCEBS2021A061 IoT Based Smart Fertilizer Management System
154 ICCCEBS2021189 Plant leaf disease detection using rocker boggie mrchanism
155 ICCCEBS2021A071 Vehicular ADHOC Network Based Safety Improvement
156 ICCCEBS2021A067 Advanced hyperchoatic image encryption technic with DNA sequence
157 ICCCEBS2021179 Bluetooth Based Home Automation And Security System
158 ICCCEBS2021206 Purchasing model with fuzzy cost parameters
159 ICCCEBS2021205 Optimization of inventory model-signed distance method
160 ICCCEBS2021092 A Study on Different hardware and Cloud based Internet of Things Platforms
161 ICCCEBS2021A033 An Advanced Inductively coupled Wireless Charging System for Electric Vehicle Applications
162 ICCCEBS2021111 IOT Based Greenhouse Environment Monitoring and Controlling System
163 ICCCEBS2021192 Cognitive Radio Aware Protocol and Data Analytics in 5G
164 ICCCEBS2021A054 Design of Digitally Controlled Battery Charging System Using DC-DC Converter
165 ICCCEBS2021155 Sign Language Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network
166 ICCCEBS2021192 Cognitive Radio Aware Protocol and Data Analytics in 5G
167 ICCCEBS2021219 Drowsiness alert and Resting System
168 ICCCEBS2021197 Credit Card Fraud Analysis
169 ICCCEBS2021A013 Full Fledged Automated Human Resource Management Software Suite
170 ICCCEBS2021A068 IOT based Time Saving Smart Shopping Trolley
171 ICCCEBS2021A084 Survey On Video Compression Techniques For Efficient Transmission
172 ICCCEBS2021115 Assistant for the guest with visually impaired using Deep Learning
174 ICCCEBS2021156 Machine Learning Based Classification Models for Heart Disease Prediction
175 ICCCEBS2021166 Power Quality Improvement In Single Phase Distribution Using Renewable Energy Photovoltaic Based On UPQC
176 ICCCEBS2021A046 Analysis Of Air Quality Using Iot With Machine Learning Prediction
177 ICCCEBS2021138 Real Time Face Mask Identification Using Deep Learning
178 ICCCEBS2021194 Human Body Communication on Portable Biometric Authentication
179 ICCCEBS2021A057 Safety Monitoring System in Coal Mine
180 ICCCEBS2021A066 Speaking System For Speechless People
181 ICCCEBS2021A058 A Secure Digital E-Voting Using Blockchain Technology
182 ICCCEBS2021A070 Arduino Based Fire Fighting Robot
183 ICCCEBS2021A073 Brain Tumour Classification using Convolution Neural Network
184 ICCCEBS2021A097 Detection Of Leukemia Using Machine Learning Algorithms
185 ICCCEBS2021A086 Analysis and Prediction of Epilepsy Using Heart Rate by Application of Ensemble Learning and Linear Regression
186 ICCCEBS2021208 Design and Implementation of Lukewarm and Trembling Therapy Device to Assist the Reduction of Blood Flow for Immobilized Patients
187 ICCCEBS2021209 Smart Glove
188 ICCCEBS2021223 Simulation and Measurement of Conducted Emission in DC-DC convertor
189 ICCCEBS2021198 Fatigue Monitoring Using Real-Time Facial Expression Based On Neural Technique
190 ICCCEBS2021237 Health Monitoring System Using IoT
191 ICCCEBS2021106 A Shape Optimization Technique for Medical Images
192 ICCCEBS2021078 SAR measurement for different antenna configurations
193 ICCCEBS2021101 Analysis of Power Allocation for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access
194 ICCCEBS2021A085 Authenticated Smart Meter Reading for a Secure Smart Grid
195 ICCCEBS2021A036 An Effective Identification of Food Adulteration Using IoT
196 ICCCEBS2021A093 Power Theft Recognition and Data Security in Smart Meter Reading of a Smart Grid
197 ICCCEBS2021A045 Mobile Application for Rental Batteries
198 ICCCEBS2021A080 Fire Detection System Using ML
199 ICCCEBS2021109 Design and Fabrication of Printed Circuit Board for IoT Applications
200 ICCCEBS2021A078 Predicting Heart Disease Using Hybrid Machine Learning Model
201 ICCCEBS2021216 Solar Based Charging Station for E-Vehicle
202 ICCCEBS2021183 A machine learning based smart data analytics in 5G network
203 ICCCEBS2021A094 Anti-Theft Fuel Level Detector With Vehicle Tracking
204 ICCCEBS2021A088 Medicine Lending Machine for Elderly Patients
205 ICCCEBS2021A098 Smart Home Power Automation System Using Wireless Sensor Networks
206 ICCCEBS2021137 Social Network Utilization Based Stress Identification without Privacy Issue Using Machine Learning
207 ICCCEBS2021211 Smart Traffic Assistance System for Ambulance Vehicles using Internet of Things
208 ICCCEBS2021A099 Top Sliding Driving Helmet With Better Air Ventilation Using Embedded System
209 ICCCEBS2021A039 Fuzzy Techniques to Verify A Person's Identification Using the X-Ray Images
210 ICCCEBS2021240 Skin Cancer Detection using CNN and SVM
211 ICCCEBS2021A081 Fine Grained Sentimental Analysis Of Social Network Chat Using R
212 ICCCEBS2021212 Dual Axis Solar Tracking System
213 ICCCEBS2021A062 Design and Fabrication of Microstrip MIMO Antenna For 5g Smart Phones
214 ICCCEBS2021246 Certain Investigation on IoT Based Smart Pill Carafe In Health Care
215 ICCCEBS2021230 Automatic Teller Machine Abnormality Detector Using Machine to Machine Technology
216 ICCCEBS2021232 Power Factor Correction based EV Battery Charger using a Bridgeless Isolated SEPIC Converter
217 ICCCEBS2021233 Energy Management System for Small Scale Hybrid Wind Solar Battery based Microgrid
218 ICCCEBS2021222 Interactive Map Application For Real Time Crime Reporting
219 ICCCEBS2021A095 Smart health Monitoring body area network using Raspberry Pi
220 ICCCEBS2021A050 Efficient Method For Storing Health Record In Cloud Using Integrity Auditing And Data Sharing
221 ICCCEBS2021236 A Smart AIS Based Portable Wireless Electric Charging Vehicles
222 ICCCEBS2021226 Development of FLC Based AC to AC Converter for Wind Energy System
223 ICCCEBS2021225 Advanced Smart Automated Railway Gate Control System
224 ICCCEBS2021224 Advanced Smart Energy Meter For Energy Conservation
225 ICCCEBS2021A076 Secured Cloud Based Health Care Framework with Blockchain
226 ICCCEBS2021229 Inductive Load Power Factor Correction Using Capacitor Bank
227 ICCCEBS2021221 Energy Management Optimization in a Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electrical Vehicle Transportation
228 ICCCEBS2021231 Coma Patients Health Monitoring and Observatory System Using Internet of Things
229 ICCCEBS2021228 Smart voting using Fingerprint, Face and OTP technology with blockchain
230 ICCCEBS2021202 Automatic Landslide Detection in Hilly Areas
232 ICCCEBS2021A090 Text mining methods for online topics and reviews using machine learning
233 ICCCEBS2021181 Wordnet-based Criminal Networks Mining for Cybercrime Investigation
234 ICCCEBS2021A110 Brain Tumor Detection and ication Using Deep Learning Techniques based on MRI Images
235 ICCCEBS2021244 Face Recognition Atm machine
236 ICCCEBS2021187 Securing connected & autonomous vehicles: challenges posed by adversarial machine learning and the way forward
237 ICCCEBS2021220 Quality Control and Communication In Smart Grid Using IED & PLCC
238 ICCCEBS2021235 Solar PV Based Super Lift Luo Converter for BLDC Motor Drive
239 ICCCEBS2021207 A Comparative Study on minimum skew Clock tree distribution algorithms for high-speed Digital Integrated Circuits
240 ICCCEBS2021A104 Design and Analysis of Half-Mode Substrate Integrated Waveguide Antenna for Home Automation in IoT
241 ICCCEBS2021243 Swallowable Glass Pill For Digestive Motility & Toxin Detection Using Cell-Based Biosensor
242 ICCCEBS2021238 Advanced Deep Learning Model for Future Forecasting of COVID-19
243 ICCCEBS2021247 Detection of Online Fake Reviews Based on Text Emotion
244 ICCCEBS2021A025 Driver drowsiness detection system with opencv and keras
245 ICCCEBS2021A096 A Review on Development of Rare Earth Based Contrast Agents for Dual Modal Imaging of Cancer Cells
246 ICCCEBS2021203 5G Antipodal Reconfigurable Base Station Antenna for Modern automobile tracking applications
247 ICCCEBS2021249 Privacy Preserving Verification Scheme For Cloud Platform Using DML
248 ICCCEBS2021227 High Step-Up Super Lift Dc-Dc Converters With Enhanced Response
249 ICCCEBS2021A117 Crossover from static to dynamic non-Condon effect on charge transport in organic semiconductors
250 ICCCEBS2021241 Food Recognition using TensorFlow

Springer Recommended Papers
No of Papers= 356
Accepted Papers= 62
S.No Paper ID Paper Title
01 001 Designing an ML - Based Congestion Detection Algorithm for Routing Data in MANETs
02 002 Empirical Analysis of Effect of Resampling on Supervised Learning Algorithms in Predicting Types of Lung Cancer on Multiclass Imbalanced Micro Array Gene Expression Data
03 003 Artificial Intelligence to Protect Cyber Security Attack on Cloud E-Learning Tools (AI- PCE)
04 004 Online OPD Management with Rating and Review System to Hospitals and Doctors
05 005 Design and Analysis of Various Non-Radiating Transmission Line Structures on a High-Speed PCB’s
06 006 Mediating Effect of Quality Enhancement between ICT-Related Factors and Student Satisfaction in Open and Distance Education
07 007 Synthesis and Characterization of Nano Particles
08 008 Unisum Labeling of Hydra Hexagons
09 009 An Implementation of Mobile Shareable Content Oject Reference Model for Online Assessment using Virtal Learning Environment
10 010 A Finest Secured Routing Techniques With Transmision Of Data In Mobile Adhoc Newtorks
11 011 Evaluation of Various Cryptographic Techniques Based on File Size on Cloud Storage Security
12 012 Cloud Based Bio-Metric Enhanced ATM Powered by Deep Learning
13 013 Data Mining In Health Care: Application Perspective
14 014 A Hybrid Filter Wrapper Embedded Feature Selection for Selecting Important Attributes and Prediction of Chronic Kidney Disease
15 015 A Survey on Algorithms in Game Theory in Big Data
16 016 RG Technique to Reduce the Fuel Consumption and Co2 Emission in Vanet
17 017 Emphasizing a productive and protective access control to improve authentication using 802.1X with Software Defined Networks
18 018 Feature Extraction by Rework Image Recognition (RIR) Learning Model
19 019 Comprehensive Deep Recurrent Artificial Neural Network (CDRANN) - Evolutionary Model for Future Prediction
20 020 An Efficient Navigation Approach for Toll Plaza using Map Matching Algorithm with Hidden Markov Model
21 021 Mining Of Customer Review Feedback Using Sentiment Analysis For Smart Phone Product
22 022 Privacy Preservation framework for Bigdata Analysis
23 023 Interactive artificial neural network model for UX design
24 024 Infusion Monitoring System in Hospitals Using IoT
25 025 Cross Layer Intrusion Detection Scheme in Secured Zone Based Intrusion Detection System
26 026 Predicting hospital readmission via cost sensitive deep learning
27 027 Smart Object Tracking System
28 028 A Review on Hydrophobicity Effect on Corrosion Resisting Behaviour of The Material
29 029 Multimodal Biometric Person Identification System Based on Speech and Keystroke Dynamics
30 030 Predictive Water Quality Modelling using ARIMA and VAR for Locations of Krishna River, Andhra Pradesh, India
31 031 Selection of Mobile Adhoc Network Routing Protocol Based Qos Improvement for Mobile Adhoc Network
32 032 Multi Clustering Management (MC-M) based Segmentation of multiple organs from Abdominal CT images
33 033 Efficient Performance of Data Science Application in Medical Field
34 034 Enhancing Social Divergence using Genetic Algorithms and Linked Open Data for improving Immunity System against COVID-19
35 035 Ethereum Based P2P Lending System (Dao App) - Qualitative Review of a Possible Replacement for Lending Practices
36 036 Malware Detection based on Portable Executable file features
37 037 A Review on Deep Learning Technique on Basis of Different Types of Crop Diseases
38 038 Food Plant Diversity of Homestead Gardens in Cherangode Panchayath of Nilgiri District, TamilNadu
39 039 Design a IoT Based Blind Stick for Visually Disabled Persons
40 040 Collaborative Interactive Workspace Environment using Augmented Reality
41 041 Analysis and Prediction of Covid-19 Cases Using Machine Learning Algorithms
42 042 Food Detection and Nutritional Recognition System using Neural Networks
43 043 Online shipping management firm with route and cost optimization for warehouses
44 044 Digital Certificate Based User Authentication to Access Networks and Hosts
45 045 Wield Nodemcu IOT To Shelter Coal Mining
46 046 Pancreases Segmentation and classification based on RCNN and AlexNet
47 047 A Compact Wideband dielectric resonator antenna for 5G applications
48 048 Development of FLC Based AC to AC Converter for Wind Energy
49 049 Energy management system for small scale hybrid wind solar battery based microgrid
51 051 EYE-TM :An Automatic Teller Machine for the visually- impaired
52 052 High-Capacity Reversible Data hiding using lossless LZW compression
53 053 Tropical Cyclone detection using Optical flow estimation Deep Learning
54 054 Importance of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Higher Education Paper
55 055 A brief analysis of Border Gateway Protocol for Internet Controlling and Malicious Attacks
56 056 Hybrid Blind Watermarking using RDWT-DCT in Singular Value Decomposition Domain
57 057 A Real and Accurate Data Traffic Control in Wireless Sensor Networks Using CSMA Model
58 058 A Novel Approach for File Security in Cloud
59 059 Malicious Firmware Injection Detection on Wireless Networks using Deep Learning TF-IDF Normalization (MFI-IDF)
60 060 An Efficient Authentication Using Monitoring Scheme for Node Misbehavior Detection in Manet
61 061 A Framework for Analysis of Network Traffic using Predictive Algorithm
62 062 A Review and Analysis on Emerging Techniques in Digital Image Processing and Machine Learning for Plant Health Monitoring


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